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Incasa Foods products have no added salt, no preservatives and they are made from natural ingredients. 

Our flaovurs::

Lemon and Herb Nqandamathe

Peri Peri Babezala

Sweet Shelela

082   662 6878

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Incasa Foods is a hundred percent Proudly South African brand. Our sauces and curry pastes are made from natural products, have no added salt and contain no preservatives. 

We love healthy eating because it helps maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Our sauces can be used as a cook-in sauce, a marinade or a condiment. Instead of buying three products, you buy one that does all three.

Our sauces and curry pastes come in different sizes suitable for family use or small business. 

Our products are now available at:


Oxford Butchery, Hillcrest 

and at 

Shop 103 

Seda Business Centre 

127 Johannes Nkosi Street 

Durban 4001

082 662 0878

Years Of Experience

Incasa Foods started off as a hobby for Thabisile Danisa who loves cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. When she started selling the sauces and curry pastes in small amounts working from her home she realized that she had a business and committed to develop herself as an entrepreneur and her Incasa range for the hardworking woman who loves good food but never has enough time to combine all the necessary ingredients to give her meals the :incasa" (flavour) it deserves. Read more about Thabisile by following the read more link below.

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Our Services


We provide catering services: cooking healthy and tasty meals using Incasa Curry Pastes and Sauces. We sell our products in 5lt bulks to other caterers, at affordable prices.

Cooking skills

We teach others how to prepare  delicious  and healthy meals through our social media pages. We share recipes, cooking tips and show our clients how to use our products .

Healthy Products

It matters what we feed our bodies. Incasa Foods is produced with our bodies' health in mind. Change the way you eat and experience how amazing your body would feel. Start trying out healthy meals using Incasa Foods products.. 

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Babezala Peri Peri Sauce puts a twist to your dishes. Hot, rich texture, with a well balanced chilli taste. Try it out now!

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