About Incasa Foods
About Incasa Foods

Incasa Foods curry pastes and sauces is a South African that began as a simple idea around creating something to enhance the food taste from easily available natural ingredients. The idea was also about healthier options to food flavoring. Initially the products were given to friends and family members for free, but later due to demand orders were placed and money started coming in. While it was not that much, it simply encouraged the founder and CEO to dig deeper into the idea, brand it, re-imagine it and share it with a bigger market. The word Incasa is an IsiXhosa word meaning taste or  good flavour.

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Thabisile Danisa

Thabisile Danisa is an African female who is a committed entrepreneur who works tirelessy on Incasa brand, knocking on all doors, developing herself, taking calculated risks and keeping on keeping at it. She started off really tiny but it did not discourage her because she believes that getting started is all one needs to grow business. 

Thabisile believed in Incasa Foods when others had no idea what it is she wanted to achieve. Incasa Foods is her brainchild. She still works in the kitchen, she is a hands-on leader. 

She studied at DUT but it is learning through experience that sets her apart. Thabisile's advice to anyone who wishes to follow in footsteps is: "Get started."


Incasa Foods sauces and curry pastes are such a convenient way to take the guesswork out of measuring flavoring ingredients. 

Happiness Mpase

Film Producer

I cook well but I hate spending too much time in the kitchen so I like what Incasa Foods offers me as a product. It gives me more time to spend on my music craft. 

Lucie Will

Music Artist

I enjoy using it a a dip-in condiment for the fried chips we serve in our Shisanyama.. Our clients are wondering what our secret is. 

Dumisani Mngadi